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2nd Dec - 10th Dec 2023

about the trip

A journey through the Mystical Land of Egypt, witnessing the great Pyramids, Sailing on a Crusie through the Nile River, Scuba Diving in the Red Sea and immersing ourselves in the Ancient History and Rich Culture of the Grand Cities. 

Stained House


3 nights in Nile Cruise, 4 nights in Hotel (3 & 4 star category), 1 night in Overnight Train / Bus



7 Breakfasts,  5 Lunches & 4 Dinners

Yellow Bus


Domestic Train & Nile Cruise


top experiences


Day 1

Welcome to Cairo / Local Nightlife

Meet your fellow cotravellers over lunch, your crew for the next few days. 

Later in evening we will explore Khan El Khalili bazaar and get the first taste of your Egypt nightlife.

Image by Omar Elsharawy

Day 3

Begin the day in Aswan with a cruise along the Nile, capturing the vibrant colors of the Nubian village on a felucca sailboat, before embarking on a luxurious 3 night cruise along the River Nile, immersing yourself in the essence of Egypt.

Death on the Nile_07_dotn_dtlr7_v9_hd_t_r709f_still_211213.086897_edited.jpg

Day 5

Explore Luxor Temple / Karnak Temple

Explore the temples and Greco-Roman history of Luxor, including the impressive Avenue of the Sphinxes, before embarking on a hot air balloon ride the next day to witness the breathtaking views of the valley of the Kings (optional activity, not included)

Image by AXP Photography

Day 7

Snorkeling Around Red Sea / Scuba Diving (Optional)

Choose between a Red Sea cruise or land-based activities like snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing in paradise, followed by a Yacht trip to snorkel in the magnificent Red Sea Marine Park and end the day with a breathtaking sunset experience by the beach or on a swing overlooking the ocean.


Day 9

See You Soon

We bid goodbye to our new friends and Egypt that now has our heart 

Camel in Desert

Day 2

Day Trip to Giza / Egyptian Museum / Overnight Train to Aswan

Today we will explore the iconic pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, delve into Egypt's history at the egyptian museum, and then travel overnight to Aswan by train or bus nothing gives you a more up- close look at a place than riding local

Image by Spencer Davis

Day 4

Day Visit to Edfu / Abu Simble Temple (Optional)

Embark on a Nile cruise, passing through picturesque landscapes from Aswan to Edfu, with stops at the ancient towns of Kom Ombo and Edfu to explore their temples and enjoy swimming in the onboard pool.  


Day 6

Welcome to Egyptian Mediterranean

Farewell the Nile and drive east to Hurghada, a vibrant beach resort town with stunning views of Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula. Enjoy the beachside summer holidays atmosphere, crystal clear waters, and picturesque sunsets, followed by an orientation walk to discover local restaurants.

Image by Nils

Day 8

Transfer to Cairo / City Walk across Zamalek

Today, we go back to Cairo. Indulge in Cairo's culinary delights by exploring the vibrant neighbourhoods of Zamalek. 


inclusions & exclusions

Accommodation: 3 nights in Nile Cruise, 4 nights in Hotel (3 and 4 star category), 1 night in Overnight Train / Bus.

Transportation: We include all local transportation (Cairo- - Aswan - Luxer - Hurghada) and domestic trains along with Nile cruise.

Meals: 7 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches and 4 Dinners

Activities: We also include our No Regrets Inclusions, which are basically the sights and activities we think you just can’t afford to miss.

  • Khan El Khalili Bazaar

  • Giza Day trip from Cairo

  • Food Tour in Cairo

  • Entry Ticket to Giza Pyramids

  • Snorkelling trip in Hurghada

  • Visit to Nubian Village

  • Local Historian at all the temples

  • Sobek and Horus Temple

  • Edfu Day Trip

  • Entry to Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple

  • Entry to Egyptian Museum

  • And then of course you also get our expert and highly trained team of Co-TravelIn staff, our Trip Managers, and English-speaking Local Guides.

Local Taxes & Fees: Entry fees for included places and local taxes are all included. No hidden charges

Book With Confidence

The Freedom Gurantee Policy ensures that even your travel plan changes, you'll never miss out or be charged fees for changing your bookings. If you want to change the date of your trips, swap onto other trips or even change your trip to another regions entirely, that's all possible without incurring any additional cost.

frequently asked questions

  • How many people in a trip?
    All our trips are strictly limited to the maximum numbers of members listed on the trip page. Usually from 12 to 16 people in a trip.
  • What's included in my trip?
    Accommodation: 6 nights of accommodation on twin-sharing basis in resorts / hotels centrally located. Transportation: We include all internal transport transfers including airport transfers with required local permits Meals: All 6 days breakfast and lunches are included in this trip. Activities: We also include our No Regrets Inclusions, which are basically the sights and activities we think you just can’t afford to miss. - Zip Lining - Trek to Double Root Bridge and Rainbow Waterfall and all other waterfalls - Kayaking in Wah Umngot - Krem Mawmluh Caves - Bamboo Trek to Mawryngkhang And then of course you also get our expert and highly trained team of Co-TravelIn staff, our Trip Managers, and English-speaking Local Guides.
  • What is the physical activity level of this trip?
    This trip is listed as a Moderate activity level for included activities. River Rafting would be strenuous. Owning to the high altitude area, it takes up to a day or two to get acclimatize to the place
  • What will the climate be like?
    During our trip in May, temperatures are pleasant, ranging between 15 and 20°C during the day. It is also Spring during this time and Ladakh’s famous apricot trees burst into full bloom.
  • What should I pack?
    Although it gets warm in May, one must remember to always be prepared for colder climates at certain high altitudes. So it’s advisable to pack woolens, a good jacket, thermals, and socks. Also, pack comfortable clothes and a good pair of hiking sports/shoes. It’s ideal to dress modestly for the monasteries. Make sure you are ready for any climate change by packing light and also bringing things like caps, sunscreen, sunglasses to protect you from the sun.
  • Important documents to carry?
    Certain places in Leh require special permits to visit, while we would take care of them, you are still required to carry proper government ID cards and passport size photos.
  • Do I need to budget extra?
    You will need to budget for lunch and any other activities that you would like to do like camel rides etc. Also, do budget for shopping if you would like to.
  • Will I be able to use my credit card or are transactions mostly cash?
    UPI transactions and card options are not very popular here, hence make sure you are carrying sufficient cash.
  • Have a question that's not on this list?
    Feel free to reach out to our service team at or by calling +91 7829314141.


photos from previous trips

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