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booking conditions

Want to know more about the conditions of your booking?

Your agreement is with Co-TravelIn and a contract is formed when you make a reservation with us that we accept. Enrolment in and payment for a trip shall constitute acceptance by the guest of the terms and conditions in this document. These cannot be varied except in writing by the representative of the Company. All contracts with Co-TravelIn are made subject to the terms of these booking conditions. We reserve the right to change these booking conditions at any time prior to you making a booking.

Departure Date Security

The departure date is the date indicated on the booking confirmation. Security is a major concern to all of us and the situation globally is constantly changing. Events around the world, coupled with the “Travel Advisories” put out by various governments, may at times necessitate changes to the accommodations and itinerary or even trip cancellation. You must accept these risks involved in travel to any country or destination that may experience security difficulties and accept responsibility for your own travel decisions.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is required for all guests covering all applicable dates of travel with Co-TravelIn. This insurance must cover; trip interruption, personal injury, medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation cover including during pandemic events. The choice of insurer is yours. Co-TravelIn cannot be held responsible for your failure to obtain insurance which is appropriate, and we recommend you purchase your insurance at or soon after booking your trip. Co-TravelIn will not be held liable for any costs incurred by the guest resulting from their failure to obtain adequate travel insurance.



An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the WHO, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. We ask that you please take personal responsibility for your well-being. This begins with packing any personal protective equipment and sanitizers you require. Please adopt physical distancing and hygiene practices throughout your pre-trip travel arrangements and follow all health instructions whether physical signage or requests from our professional staff once you are holidaying with us. To travel with Co-TravelIn, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID19. Full details of hygiene protocols can be found on our website.


Force Majeure

Force Majeure Event means any event or circumstance beyond the control of Co-TravelIn, including but not limited to: (a) an act of god (such as earthquake, flood, fire, explosion, landslide, lightning, the action of the elements, the force of nature, washout, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami, storm or storm warning or natural disaster); (b) industrial disputes, work ban or other labor dispute or difficulty; (c) acts of terrorism, political unrest, war or threat of war, riots or civil strife; (d) failure or delays to scheduled transportation and the closure of airports or ports; (e) pandemic, epidemic or health risk; (f) governmental and administrative actions (including the closure of borders and travel warnings and restrictions).



1. Your trip will be confirmed after receipt of a non-refundable deposit as detailed in the Summary Booking and Cancellation Terms table. We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason and shall in that event return any deposit received.  

2. We may from time to time offer deposits at a reduced amount (Promotional Deposits) and these may be subject to different terms and conditions as specified by us. Such terms and conditions prevail to the extent of any inconsistency with these Booking Conditions.

3. Final payment for your trip reservation will be due prior to departure no later than 30 days before the trip starts. Payment in full will be required at time of booking for reservations made later than the final payment due date prior to the trip departure date. Some special promotions may have different payment deadlines and cancellation terms. Deposit and final payment will be converted in the local currency where the booking is made. Conversion is based on the prevailing exchange rate on the payment date.

4. Co-TravelIn reserves the right to cancel the reservation and impose cancellation charges if any payment is not received as detailed within the individual trip brochures. Co-TravelIn will not be responsible for lost land and/or air reservations.



Name Change: Co-TravelIn does not charge for name changes or name corrections, however where third-party costs are incurred these will be passed on to the guest. Not all airlines allow name changes or name corrections, and a new airfare may need to be purchased which will be passed onto the guest.

Other Booking Changes Co-TravelIn does not charge for minor booking changes however where third-party costs are incurred these will be passed on to the guest. Costs and charges may increase the closer to the departure date that changes are made. We will try to make your requested change, but it may on occasion not be possible. A change of trip date or itinerary after final payment is due of departure date will be treated as a cancellation. Cancellation fees will apply except when the change is to an alternative departure and the trip price is equivalent or greater, in which case any amendment costs incurred including airline charges and fees will be charged.


Cancellation by Traveller: Travel arrangements for any member of the party may be canceled at any time by written notice by the person who made the booking. If notice of cancellation is received by Co-TravelIn before final payment is due (before 45 days of starting the trip), the deposit will be refunded after deduction of 15% of the total trip cost. If cancellation is made after final payment is due cancellation fees will apply as per the following table.


  • Before 45 Days of the trip - 15% of the trip cost

  • Before 30 Days and within 44 Days of arrival - 25% of the trip cost

  • Before 15 Days and with 29 Days of arrival - 50% of the trip cost

  • Within 14 Days of the trip - 100% cancellation charges


Notice of cancellation must be made in writing directly to the Co-TravelIn representative. Please also refer to Co-TravelIn’s Cancellation Fee Waiver payment. If a guest fails to join the trip on the day of departure, cancellation fees will be 100% (unless the guest notifies us of the delay and joins the trip later at their own expense).


Cancellation fees and charges will additionally include any amounts that we have paid or have contractually committed to pay to third parties to deliver your travel arrangements which we cannot reasonably recover (for example payments made or due to airlines and hotels). Any payments we have made to third parties will only be refunded to you once we have deducted the above cancellation fees and charges and once, we have recovered the amounts from the third parties.

Cancellation by Co-TravelIn: Co-TravelIn reserves the right, to modify or cancel any trip (definite or not), accommodation, in-destination activity or arrangement at any time. Cancellation due to Failure to Pay If full payment is not received by the due date, Co-TravelIn has the right to cancel your reservation and no refund will be made.


Cancellation due to Events other than Force Majeure Events: If the cancellation by Co-TravelIn is not a result of a Force Majeure Event, Co-TravelIn will provide an alternative comparable trip (if available) if an alternative is not available then a refund will be made. Co-TravelIn is not liable for any cancellation or change cost or penalties incurred on other travel arrangements, including air travel, that may be affected thereby. Co-TravelIn is not responsible for other travel arrangements that you or your party have made outside Co-TravelIn and which are affected by our cancellations.

Early Return, Illness, or Absence Early return expenses are the guest’s responsibility. There is no refund for absence or early departure from a trip, including but not limited to missed hotels, transfers, meals or sightseeing cruises, or optional extensions. Co-TravelIn urges you to purchase travel insurance that covers such circumstances. Co-TravelIn makes no representation or guarantees concerning reimbursement, the scope of coverage, or other aspects of any travel insurance policy or claim.



FlexiDeposit: If you cancel 45 days prior to the trip departure date, the deposit may be credited to the cost of another Co-TravelIn trip, subject to the following conditions:

(a) The deposit must be used within 2 calendar years of the cancellation date of the original booking

(b) The reservation must be made and completed before the traveler attains 36 years of age (Co-TravelIn’s upper traveler age limit)

(c) FlexDeposit applies only to full-priced deposits (not promotional low deposits)

A FlexDeposit benefit may be: (a) gifted to family or friends, via an email confirmation to Co-TravelIn stating the donee’s name, Zero Change Fees Even if your travel plans change, you’ll never miss out or be charged fees for changing your booking before you pay your final balance if you want to change the dates of your trip, swap onto another trip or even change your trip for a different region entirely, that’s all possible, without incurring fees.


  • Before 45 Days of trip: Fully Transferable Booking Amount

  • Before 30 Days and within 44 days of arrival: 80% Transferable Booking Amount

  • Before 15 Days and with 29 days of arrival: 40% Transferable Trip Cost

  • Within 14 Days of the trip: No Transferable Trip Cost


Minimum Numbers:

Some trips are based on a minimum number of persons traveling. If a trip fails to satisfy minimum numbers, the trip may be canceled or rescheduled.


Age Restrictions:

Travelers must be aged between 18 and 35 inclusive at the commencement of your trip to travel with Co-TravelIn. In terms of style and content, all of Co-TravelIn’s worldwide trips are specifically designed for a particular age group. This fact should be recognized when you book one of our trips. Please note that on some experiences as part of your trip you may be joined by other travelers who are not in the 18-35 age group. Countries have different age limits for the consumption of alcohol and other activities. You must ensure you satisfy the age limits before participating in any activity with age limits (such as the consumption of alcohol) and you release us from all liability and claims arising from your inability to participate in such activities.

Health, Reduced Mobility, Medical Conditions/ Disabilities, and Assistance:

When Travelling If you suffer from reduced mobility or have any other disability or medical condition which may affect your holiday arrangements, you must provide us with full details before booking so that we can advise you if we can accommodate your request and provide you with precise information as to the suitability of the holiday taking into account your needs. We will not be responsible for any damage, injury, death or loss of any kind resulting from your failure to fully disclose relevant mobility, disability, or medical information. We may request you to provide an assessment of your condition from a qualified medical practitioner. Reduced mobility of course means different things to different individuals as we fully appreciate that individual capabilities, restrictions, and requirements are likely to vary considerably.



Co-TravelIn is here to provide the best services possible but in doing so we will not tolerate abusive or aggressive behavior from our guests. We will refuse to deal with and may terminate the holiday of guests who assault our Co-TravelIn staff, suppliers, or fellow guests or who are abusive or aggressive to them and are generally affecting the enjoyment of others with their behavior and you may be barred from future trips with Co-TravelIn

This may include (but is not limited to): (a) verbally abusive or offensive language towards anyone; (b) bullying behavior; (c) inappropriate or abusive behavior including uninvited physical contact, harassment, violence, or threat of violence; (d) excessive consumption of alcohol or intoxication; (e) the possession, carriage or use of restricted substances or drugs (except for medical purposes approved by your doctor); (f) failure to comply with Co-TravelIn’s (including a representative’s) reasonable direction; (g) conduct which, in Co-TravelIn’s opinion, is not compatible with other guests’ general enjoyment and well-being or the smooth operation of the trip; (h) the possession, carriage or use of dangerous items (such as weapons); (i) breaking the law of the country in which you are traveling; and (j) any behavior or conduct which brings Co-TravelIn into disrepute or damages its goodwill.

When you make a booking, you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of all members of your party during your travels with Co-TravelIn. We reserve the right at any time and at our discretion to terminate the travel arrangements and/or cease to deal with any party member(s) whose behavior, in the reasonable opinion of us or our suppliers, may cause danger, upset, disruption, or distress to anyone else or damage to property. Full cancellation charges will apply and no refund will be made. We shall have no obligation to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses (including but not limited to alternative accommodation and return transportation arrangements) guests may incur as a result of the travel arrangements being terminated. You must immediately report any pre-existing damage in your room to accommodate staff and/or a Co-TravelIn Trip Manager. If you damage the accommodation in which you are staying or any property, you must reimburse the accommodation provider or property owner concerned for the cost of the damage before the end of your stay if the cost has been established by then or as soon as it has been established if later. You must indemnify us for the full amount of any claim (also including legal costs) made against us. Criminal proceedings may be instigated. Co-TravelIn is not responsible for any costs incurred concerning a guest removed from a trip or aircraft, ship, or train. Guests agree not to hold Co-TravelIn or any of its related entities liable for any actions taken under these terms and conditions.

Itinerary Variations:

Co-TravelIn strives to improve trip itineraries, services, and features. If improvements can be made, or if circumstances beyond our control make changes necessary, we reserve the right to vary itineraries and to substitute hotels. At certain peak periods multiple departures may operate, sometimes in reverse order; accommodation may vary from those stated on the itinerary pages. Departures in the early and late seasons are potentially operated in cool weather conditions. As a result, itinerary variations may occur. Certain activities may not be precise as described or may not be available due to seasonality or weather conditions or other circumstances beyond our control. We will try to notify you of changes. If your enjoyment may be diminished by such limitations, please check with us or before making a reservation. Changes due to National/Public Holidays During local or national holidays, certain facilities such as museums, sightseeing trips, and shopping may be limited or unavailable. In such instances, itinerary changes are made by Co-TravelIn seeking to reduce inconvenience to guests. Such changes are deemed not to be a major change to the itinerary, and no compensation will be payable to guests. Holidays, closing days, and other circumstances may necessitate a change of the day of the week for scheduled regional meals, sightseeing, or other activities.

Additional Risks:

Additional risks may arise including, but not limited to, hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas, hazards of travel by boat, train, bus, car, truck, aircraft and other means, animals, forces of nature, unrest, differing levels of sanitation, differing safety standards, risks associated with water, drinks, food, plants, insects and animals, diseases and transmission of disease to you or members of your family or party, accident or illness in areas of difficult evacuation or poor medical facilities, acts of governments; all occurring during the trip or while coming to or returning from the trip. You are voluntarily participating, knowing there are risks. You agree to accept any and all risks. You release and discharge Co-TravelIn, its related companies and personnel from, and agree not to make a claim against any of them for, any and all claims, known or unknown, arising from contracting for, traveling to or from, or traveling during, and in any and every way participating in a trip, even where caused by the negligence of any of these released and discharged persons and entities. This release and discharge of liability, assumption of risk, and agreement not to make a claim is entered into on behalf of you and all members of your family and party, also including minors. This agreement also binds your heirs, legal representatives, and assigns. Safety Where the guest occupies a motorcoach seat fitted with a safety belt, neither Co-TravelIn nor the Operator nor its agents or co-operating organizations or service providers will be liable for any injury, illness or death or for any loss or damages or claims whatsoever arising from any accident or incident if the safety belt is not being worn at the time of such an accident or incident. This exclusion and limitation of liability shall not be used to imply that the Operator or its agents or affiliated entities are liable in other circumstances.

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